8th HWCS International Symposium

Program for Sunday 18 April

The Symposium will take place in "virtual" form on the Zoom(*) videoconferencing platform. The activities will be distributed in 3 simultaneous sessions for the duration of the symposium, as represented in the table included on this page.

To connect and participate, simply click (or tap) the link in the title of each of the activities, shown in each box of the table.
It will therefore be necessary to enter the password that will be previously provided, via e-mail, to all registered users, before the start of the Symposium.

Warning: if the maximum capacity of the virtual rooms is exceeded and it is not possible for some to participate through Zoom, it will be possible to attend the Symposium through 3 YouTube channels, one for each session, whose links are shown in the buttons placed in the headings of the table.

(*) This obviously means that the participants must have installed the Zoom program on their PC / tablet / smartphone. Unfortunately the simultaneous translation system prevents the use of the Zoom program for Linux. Participants will only be able to use the versions for the Microsoft, Apple and Android platforms.

Please note: in the program table, times are showed for GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and for some representative cities.
To find the corresponding times and time differences for other cities you can use https://24timezones.com or, also, https://www.worldtimebuddy.com.

Start time

Session 1   YouTube

Session 2   YouTube

Session 3   YouTube

09:00 GMT
11:00 Roma
06:00 Bs.As.
04:00 Lima

Humanism in the current situation

Conference (spanish, italian – 60 minutes)

Moment of rupture and moment of repair. Matriarchy, patriarchy and future

Juan Espinosa

Zoom ID: 82977620200

10:00 GMT
12:00 Roma
07:00 Bs.As.
05:00 Lima

Humanism in the current situation

Conference (italian, spanish – 60 minutes)

The forgotten man

Moreno Daini

Zoom ID: 82977620200

12:00 GMT
14:00 Roma
09:00 Bs.As.
07:00 Lima

Overcoming violence

Round table (spanish, french, english, italian – 90 minutes)

Revenge and reconciliation

Juan Espinosa, François Giorgi, Roberta Consilvio and Luz Jahnen

Zoom ID: 82977620200

Towards a humanizing education

Conference (french, spanish – 60 minutes)

Experience with Educa’Art

Tatiana De Barelli

Zoom ID: 81637793138

12:30 GMT
14:30 Roma
09:30 Bs.As.
07:30 Lima

Arms Reduction and the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

Workshop (spanish – 60 minutes)

Hibakusha and origami

Inma Prieto and Rene Gomez from World Without Wars and Violence (Barcelona)

Zoom ID: 89993044805

13:00 GMT
15:00 Roma
10:00 Bs.As.
08:00 Lima

Towards a humanizing education

Conference (italian, spanish – 60 minutes)

Build inclusion in school

Raffaele Tumino

Zoom ID: 81637793138

13:30 GMT
15:30 Roma
10:30 Bs.As.
08:30 Lima

Economy for freedom

Round table (spanish, french, english – 90 minutes)

The Universal Basic Income

Daniel Raventós, Maryse Bresson, Juana Pérez Montero and Guy Standing

Zoom ID: 85092573631


Round table (portuguese, spanish and french – 90 minutes)

Birth in three cultures - Brazil, Mozambique and Portugal

Henriqueta Mundlovo, Raquel Cajão and Roselane Gonçalves

Zoom ID: 85304662683

14:00 GMT
16:00 Roma
11:00 Bs.As.
09:00 Lima

Towards new lifestyles

Conversation (portuguese, spanish, french, italian, english – 60 minutes)

Mirror game: humanistic lifestyle and social model of the future

Luis Filipe Guerra, Rubén Sánchez and Djamila Andrade

Zoom ID: 81774241509

15:00 GMT
17:00 Roma
12:00 Bs.As.
10:00 Lima

Consciousness and world

Conference (spanish, french, italian – 60 minutes)

Akop's legacy

Daniel León

Zoom ID: 86179900868


Conference (spanish – 60 minutes)

Mental health in the age of uncertainty

Sergi Raventós Panyella

Zoom ID: 86777822200

The gender question in a new world

Round table (spanish – 60 minutes)

Work at home, its recognition and its fair remuneration

Marcelina Bautista, Maritza Velasquez and Juana Pérez

Zoom ID: 82770856970

16:00 GMT
18:00 Roma
13:00 Bs.As.
11:00 Lima

Transcendence and spirituality

Conference (italian, spanish, portuguese, french, english – 60 minutes)

Pandemic and Universalist Humanism

Loredana Cici

Zoom ID: 82979506424

17:00 GMT
19:00 Roma
14:00 Bs.As.
12:00 Lima

Consciousness and world

Round table (spanish, italian, english, french, portuguese – 60 minutes)

Tribute to Akop Nazaretian

Daniel León, David Sámano, Javier Belda, Andrey Konstantinov and Gonzalo García Huidobro

Zoom ID: 86179900868


Conference (spanish – 60 minutes)

Challenges of the future in the health area

Jorge Pompei

Zoom ID: 85304662683

Towards a humanizing education

Conference (spanish – 60 minutes)

Humanist educators in action

Noelia Alegre

Zoom ID: 81637793138

18:00 GMT
20:00 Roma
15:00 Bs.As.
13:00 Lima

Humanism in the current situation

Conference (italian, spanish – 60 minutes)

Poverty and mortality under the dominance of technology

Guelfo Carbone

Zoom ID: 82977620200

Overcoming violence

Presentation of a book/Workshop (spanish – 120 minutes)

Guide for peace and non-violence from an experiential methodology

Jaqueline Mera Alegria and Stefano Colonna

Zoom ID: 84372223529

Towards a humanizing education

Conference (spanish – 60 minutes)

Coherence methodology. Learn by thinking, feeling and doing

Marcela Latorre

Zoom ID: 81637793138

19:00 GMT
21:00 Roma
16:00 Bs.As.
14:00 Lima

Humanism in the current situation

Conference (english, italian – 60 minutes)

Direct initiatives for a new humanism

Dwight Gilbert Jones

Zoom ID: 82977620200

Economy for freedom

Conference (spanish – 60 minutes)

Fiscal and quasi-fiscal deficit

Horacio Rovelli

Zoom ID: 88606235342

20:00 GMT
22:00 Roma
17:00 Bs.As.
15:00 Lima

Plenary session on the Universal Human Nation

Symposium closing ceremony

(italian, spanish, portuguese, french, english – 90 minutes)

Zoom ID: 89852223752

From 13.30 to 15.30 in GMT time (15:30-17:30 in Rome, 10:30-12:30 in Buenos Aires, 8:30-10:30 in Lima and Mexico City), during the three days of the Symposium, there will be a workshop on communication titled "Create, communicate, collaborate" by XLaboratory. To participate in this workshop, register your project here: http://bit.ly/ccc-xlab.