8th HWCS International Symposium

Speakers & abstracts

New Humanism, Post-Humanism and Transhumanism

Adriano V. Autino

Status of civilization and perspective of expansion into outer space

Conferenza (italiano, spanish – 60 minuti) Time: 17 april 2021 18:00 GMT

Adriano V. Autino is a space philosopher and small entrepreneur. President and co-founder of the Space Renaissance International (SRI) 2008 - 2021. After his Secondary School Diploma in Electronic Engineering, Adriano studied Computer Science at University of Torino (Italia). He served as software engineer at Honeywell Information Systems Italia, and project manager in Sysdata CAP Gemini. He founded Andromeda s.r.l., dealing industrial automation and system engineering in real time and hard real time systems. He founded the web magazine Technologies of the Frontier (https://tdf.it).

He published many articles and papers, on the subject of Astronautic Humanism and Civilization expansion into outer space, collaborating with many space activists world wide. Adriano also published several books, including: “A greater word is possible!”, “La Terra non è malata: è incinta”, both available on Amazon. Adriano personally manages several Space Renaissance's websites. C.V.: https://spacerenaissance.space/media/AVA_BIO.pdf - Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adrianoautino.

Giorgio Gaviraghi

The far future human evolution from homo sapiens to energy in the Noosphere

Speech (english, italian – 60 minutes) - Time: 16 april 2021 13:30 GMT

Giorgio Gaviraghi received his architectural degree from the Milan Polytechnic in Italy. He has since taken part in a number of graduate courses in management, marketing and design in several major international universities.

At first as Project Architect, later as Project Manager, where he was responsible to deal with international projects for The Austin Co., he has built a distinguisble career across the globe. He has acted as CEO for international companies operating in Europe, the US, Latin America and the Middle East in the field of design and construction, real estate development and touristic resorts. In several capacities he was responsible for major initiatives, some worth over 5B$US such as the design and project management for the reconstruction of thousands of damaged houses in the Friuli region after an earthquake, an aerospace facility for commercial aircraft final assembly for Aeritalia-Boeing, an aircraft overhauling facility for HAI in Greece, advanced testing facilities for the SDI initiative in the US, several touristic resorts in the Red Sea area..

An achiever of international competitions in innovative products and systems for industrial design. Giorgio has specialized in space architecture for advanced projects and proposals for major space agencies. Winning , as tutor for college and high school students over 19 prizes in space setlement and space related projects. Partner of the MAAT project consortium for a revolutionary airship-based air transportation system sponsored by the EU. Member of the board of the Star Voyager organization for the advancement of space development and interstellar travel. In the last five years CEO of exponential Design Lab, an international design and project management company based in Latin America for global projects.

Since 2018 professor at the Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso teaching a post graduate course named "Exponenial Creativity". Author of over 80 papers, articles and books , the latest “Global Challenges”.